Friday, 28 February 2014

Might is Right

What disturbed me about this video wasn't the bullying so much as the reaction to it. They really thought it was funny. Later they're going to take some candy off a baby because they can. Fist pumps all round.

Humans reflect the environment in which they were raised and in a world where children are betrayed by lies and violence when they're impressionable, this sort of thing has to be expected. It's funny how broken minds perceive Right and Wrong; parents will wring their hands over the Bullying Epidemic and in the next breath, ferociously assert the need for children to be made to respect their elders. Or else!

Or else the elders will bully them. But people don't see corporal punishment (or emotional manipulation, even traumatic shaming, coercion or fraud) as bullying. You can explain why it's bullying but they know what they've been told and they haven't been told it's bullying so...the Bullying Epidemic looks set to be around for awhile.

The vast majority of people cannot feel empathy as a result of OFC dysfunction (which I believe is the result of traumatic shaming of the sort that made us start wearing clothes, stunting the development of impressionable minds). They can watch cruelty and graphic violence without flinching, they themselves inflict suffering empathy would preempt; almost everyone has been disconnected from the main, clods washed out to sea on their own.  To regulate their behavior, laws and rules are required. Without empathy, humans cannot be humane. Incapable of feeling the pain they inflict, they perceive advantage in disadvantaging others and for the vast majority, their idea of fun is making other people suffer. Their behavior is loosely regulated by an ad hoc moral compass that, when the steam of rhetoric has evaporated, will always boil down to "Because I can". When the illusory restrictions of Law and Order are lifted, Nanking gets raped. That's the reality. Polite Society is the fantasy.

It doesn't help that most children are raised by authoritarian figures who are always right because they're holding the rod and they Know Best, an argument they will gladly emphasise with their rod of Authority.

It's a Toddler world.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Your Love is Hate

Mothers aren't supposed to compete with daughters.
This world is choking on the infantile lies and psychotic shame of depraved humans who hate their betters for being better.

There are degrees of insanity (defined as self-defeating emotional corruption) but hating your betters for being better is a selfless horror straight out of the religious Dark Ages. Emotionally, the elders of our species are almost all malicious infants, i.e. the mean EQ of our species has regressed to a negative value. We're racing towards extinction, with the horror or even the mushroom clouds themselves scheduled to arrive in your lifetime (I'll be long gone). But this is not selfish.

Our capacity to understand words and their meanings has been severely limited by the emotional abuse we needed to tear us down or we wouldn't have loved (needed) our abusers. Healthy humans only need themselves so anyone who needs you has to erode your sense of Self to make you need them. Objectified girls are doing this to men, literally non-stop. Objectified women are doing this to girls, non-stop. When reduced by their mother's Female Emotional Mutilation, girls take aim at the Self of men they desire, explicitly to tear it down. Need needs need.

Love is very needy. "No greater need." It isn't pride that makes us fall. Pride makes us stand tall. When we're abused, we suppress our true Self in shame, falling in love with our conformist image that we project to the world. And everything gets fucked up. Every cutter has a mother that belongs in the ground. Humans do not Self-harm until their Self is harmed. All harm that has ever been inflicted was for love.

Love comes before a fall.

The need for love is why tall poppies are cut down for their crime of making the tiny poppies look bad. Humans are almost all selfless conformists who hate truth and are obsessed with appearing "normal", having been made to hate their true Self. But toddlers are not shameful or dirty. Mothers are the filthy perverts who betray children's innocence, traumatising them with shame of their true skin, thoughts and feelings, explicitly to erode their mind and make them stop thinking about their own selfish best interests and instead start feeling about obligated and considerate of their mother's (alleged) suffering. Only horror can ensue.

You get what you deserve for waiting.
Humans imagine there is a need for suffering, a need for lies, a need for violence, a need for imposition, a need for marriage, a need for tolerance, a need for love. There's no need, it's all an illusion borne out of the abused children of women who pursued cosmetic extortion to force men to treat them Right in lieu of taking care of themselves. Tribal mothers imagine the need to mutilate the emotions of boys to make them imagine a need to impress by killing (or dying) in war. The tribe mutilates the emotions of girls to take them out of the competition for the control of male filial and marital slaves. The need for horror is imagined but the horror itself is all too real. At least, I think so. This world of Self-defeating lunacy makes me wonder...

This could all just be some kind of terrible Japanese gameshow, in which case, you got me. Sick fucks.

Humans do not need to defeat themselves. This world is all wrong, horribly - horrifically - wrong. Your Self has been eroded by shame, you only need to stop needing what you don't need. 99% of your suffering is imagined but you can't unimagine it until you embrace truth. And the Truth is that toddlers don't need attachment. Their mothers do.

Hate is fear of competition (for resources, entitlement, love > imagined need).

Hate is the inevitable product of lies of entitlement mothers (and fathers) tell children. The truth is this world doesn't owe you a damn thing you're not entitled to but imagining that you can steal from the meritorious is why no one can have nice things.

There are presently 140,000,000 female victims of FGM, mutilated by mothers who were haters. There are a few billion female victims of Female Emotional Mutilation (FEM), mutilated by mothers who were haters. Humans reflect their environment and if hate is all you've ever known, hate is all you'll ever project.

If you do not love yourself, your love will need to hate. Exclusive love is universal hate. If you disagree, you are wrong but don't feel bad, you're only wrong by like billions to one. Do your Self a favour and answer this question:

Is your love isn't
hate, why do you hate the idea of your Loved One finding happiness with others?

Your love is hate. You need to love your Self.