Monday, 17 November 2014

Lowlife Men are a Huge Problem for Society

It's amazing that someone could write that sentence without immediately wondering why prostitutes won't accept money.

Prostitutes are hated by Society's women for being "too cheap" and "too easy" -- contemplate the implications of that -- women who force men to pay to pleasure them are scorned by Society, not for abusing men but for not abusing them enough.

Even prostitutes (who contribute nothing) turn up their noses at men who've:
  • worked their entire lives, 
  • always paid their taxes, 
  • always obeyed the law, 
  • fought for their country, 
  • protected children, 
  • respected women.

This should alarm Society as all conflict is created by inequities and injustice. You should take it personally when another member of a society that you are part of is treated badly. It's personal for them. 

When you are part of a society that offends, you cannot dictate appropriate response to your provocation. It doesn't matter what you feel your victims should do. What matters is what victims have done throughout History when Society's perception was at odds with its imposition. 

When men who've been made to suffer to please women since they were toddlers are told their entire lives of suffering / hard-earned money are not good enough for women -- not even for common whores (exclusive courtesans are as far out of their reach as the moon) -- Society has a serious problem which finds a very fortunate solution in the peaceful departure of those men. They are owed one (1) x life of suffering. Society cannot repay its victims, even if it wanted to.

There is no moral ground Society can stand on.

The gentleman who hates "sex tourists" for being "lowlives" is almost certainly projecting shame -- who else has reason to feel such passion? But men like him are not sex tourists. They're sex refugees, victims of Polite Society's oppression of men and children.

Society may consider itself fortunate. The alternative can look like the Rape of Nanking.

If men knew what women did to secure their illegitimate entitlement (to force men to suffer for decades of competition to win the exclusive Right to be the victim of The One woman's force and fraud), they would not likely spend as much time fighting and hating other men / themselves.

If men blinded as toddlers knew the truth of their violent betrayal, they would not suffer to win the booby prize of wedlock to a leech.

Girls are socialised by antisocial mothers to be a liability for men, forced to contrive "difficulty" (malicious obstruction) in fear of being seen as "too easy". Sex refugees may be lowlife men but there are much lower lives.

There are women, for example, who are "too cheap and easy". These women are prostitutes and they should be ashamed of themselves. But then 
there are women who are not too cheap or easy, who project shame at girls to make them withhold favour from boys earmarked for war. With abused boys serving as their proxy, Polite Society's women destroyed the entire world. They are not hated for being women. Humane women have never given men reason to hate. 

Women who are not free and easy are hated for being whores


Society will fall when there's no strength in children. Everyone falls in The End. 

Elliot Rodger was delusional but children do not delude themselves. He was made to suffer by women for no reason.
Children must be allowed to please themselves or Society will incur debt it has no means to pay.

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