Friday, 25 July 2014

It Is Not Easy To Become Sane

Thai society was rocked last week by a particularly grisly crime. A 13yo girl sleeping on an overnight train to Bangkok was attacked in her bunk, violently raped, strangled and thrown out of the window like litter. An autopsy determined she died from skull fracture. A 22yo rail employee confessed after he was caught selling the victim's iPhone.

The murderer (in a bulletproof vest) reenacts his crime for the investigating team.
Thai social media has been inundated with rage. You expect a degree of irrationality but I've yet to see anything like this. They're not even making sense. The death penalty already exists for murder but people don't want him facing the firing squad for murder, they want the murderer executed for rape.  

Monday, 14 July 2014

Till Truth and Right from violence be Freed

These little girls trying to kill one of their friends are mirrors of their environment. The system is learned.

These big boys trying to kill each other have sensitive emotional feelings. "Mean words" trigger butt-hurt in their abused imaginations, making them explode into a violent and bloody rage. This is not natural.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Lies Every Man Wants To Hear

Like all whores, she dreams of innocence. But, distinct from them, she demands to be believed, and believed sincerely.
- Tiqqun (Raw Materials For A Theory Of The YoungGirl)
There are fools and then there are women who imagine they're shrewd when they take advice from malicious women about how to be malicious.

Vibe Weekly: Lies Every Man Wants To Hear 
Today’s woman has forgotten how to keep a man. Now, amidst the hunger for a career, equality, affirmative action and equal opportunity, this classic idea of the homemaker is almost a forgotten career choice. 
Well, whether you have been hunting without success, struggling to keep your man, trying to get your man back or even trying to be a second or third wife, there are a few lies that every man wants to hear.