Friday, 25 July 2014

It Is Not Easy To Become Sane

Thai society was rocked last week by a particularly grisly crime. A 13yo girl sleeping on an overnight train to Bangkok was attacked in her bunk, violently raped, strangled and thrown out of the window like litter. An autopsy determined she died from skull fracture. A 22yo rail employee confessed after he was caught selling the victim's iPhone.

The murderer (in a bulletproof vest) reenacts his crime for the investigating team.
Thai social media has been inundated with rage. You expect a degree of irrationality but I've yet to see anything like this. They're not even making sense. The death penalty already exists for murder but people don't want him facing the firing squad for murder, they want the murderer executed for rape.  

High profile actresses have joined calls to
introduce the death penalty for rapists.

I think I know what's going on here. Women who couldn't care less about the girl are hijacking the emotion generated by her murder to lobby for more power to bully their male slaves (men are presently paying for women from cradle to grave but absolute power is the name of the game). These women are unencumbered by considerations of morality, decency or sanity. I've seen no one brave enough to point out that murder is much worse than rape. Women can't exploit murder laws. But rape laws in the hands of cosmetic frauds selling their favour? What could go wrong.

You can't reason with hijackers. You can't meet them in middle ground if they have no ground. Communication with liars who openly sneer in contempt at "truth" (as a value) is redundant for what should be obvious reasons. They are not motivated to increase awareness, resolve anything or listen to what anyone has to say. They already Know Best. Logic, evidence, reason and sense are just opinions to them. Why anyone at all would imagine the opinions of professional frauds could be valid is beyond me. But then I've always been a slow learner. It is not easy to become sane.

"Sometimes rape is worse than murder. Sometimes they are the same. You must try harder."
One hopes the sexist principles of jurisprudence won't "rape them again" (feminists feel due process is a sexist conspiracy to discredit them). 
"A girl doesn't need to tell you how she feels as her intent to deceive is written all over her made up face."
Ask for consent = "No means No." Kiss her like you're not supposed to = sexual assault. The Catch-22 is intended.
"No means No." Women know but they won't tell you. Expose yourself to consensual 'rape' or sleep alone.
I do not impose on anyone because I am selfish. It's inhumane to inflict suffering and only stupid victims of stupid mothers imagine they're shrewd to defeat themselves by preying on Their own species. For three decades, I've been violently assaulted, degraded, deceived, blackmailed, hijacked, coerced, extorted and raped by malicious, deceit-obsessed infants posing as women when they're not even humane. I've never retaliated. I continue to endure.

Only a Special kind of imbecile believes liars are credible. Women (and an ever-increasing number of men) choose lies. They don't need to. There has never been a biological need for deceit. Giving frauds selling themselves even more legal power to bully hapless victims of their illicit extortion is just dumb. No one has the Right to hijack biology. No one has the Right to traumatise children. No one has the Right to lie. 

Innocent Nong Kaem was raped and murdered because lecherous mothers turn girls into Supply and boys into Demand for a commodity that does not exist. Desire is merely an intoxicating illusion, a feeling imagined in the minds of sex-obsessed perverts who condition children to be obsessed (repression-obsession). Girls are broken with lies and shame to make them imagine a need to sell. Boys are broken with lies and violence to make them imagine a need to buy. But all the non-biological need is contrived.

There is only one originating source of unnatural need; the intentional demolition of children's minds by emotionally degraded mothers is the source of all evil, all violence, all inflicted suffering, all needless misery, all horror, all conflict, all fear, all shame, all trauma and all lies. All degraded emotions are senseless (non-sensory), just corrupted feelings imagined by traumatised minds. Nong Kaem was a victim of Polite Society's intent to condition children to suffer with lies. And though he inspires much less sympathy, so was her long-suffering killer. Every child dies for lies. But children don't die when betrayal kills them. So you don't even know you're dead.

The future was raped, murdered and thrown away like litter.

This is "rape by deceit". But marriage (rape for life) says women are a little confused by the concept of consent.