Monday, 14 July 2014

Till Truth and Right from violence be Freed

These little girls trying to kill one of their friends are mirrors of their environment. The system is learned.

These big boys trying to kill each other have sensitive emotional feelings. "Mean words" trigger butt-hurt in their abused imaginations, making them explode into a violent and bloody rage. This is not natural.

Emotional insanity (exploitable, manipulable, psychotic non-sensory suffering) is pathetic and weak but if girls didn't respect either, boys would be neither. These guys (and the entire world) would all be friends but for shrewd mothers who want to manipulate their children.
"Sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never hurt you." 
Mothers agree to disagree, abusing children to make them weaker than 18th century schoolgirls. Children are sane by default. They're taught to be insane.
“If you're offended by any word in any language, it’s probably because your parents were unfit to raise a child. They were too stupid, they should have been neutered, because all it is is a sound you can make with your mouth! It’s not a weakness that you have naturally. 
When you come out of that pink ugly hole onto this planet, you're nothing but a gooey, shrinking, wrinkled ball of weakness. That’s all you are: you're weak, you're nothing but weak, and your parents look at that, and they think, “Not weak enough! We can make this thing even weaker by training it to react poorly to different sounds that you can make with your mouth.”  
— Doug Stanhope
Parents are stupidly unfit but mothers know exactly what they're doing when they condition children to imagine "mean words" can hurt them, sex is "disgusting" and the naked male body is "dangerous". Mothers just want the power to manipulate children by making them imagine suffering when they're no longer able to use force to ensure compliance.
"What? Is that - bad?" *teehee* 
Good v Bad is irrelevant. No one's interests are served by making children suffer. Nothing else matters.

Making Parents Worried is a truly heinous crime.
Mothers prefer to get their slaves to do their dirty work. Why would a father care if girls talk to boys? It's women who fear the threat represented by honest girls. Men are raised by women to believe the family's "honour" rests on the oppression of girls. 

Men have no motive to kill girls. This picture perfectly explains the reality of "honor killings".
Of the 9000 comments on this video, the vast majority were made by women emphatically supporting the need for young women to be violently controlled. Reduced women hating girls for being women and loving boys for being slaves is The Story of Humanity.

Ms Lopez knows girls are supposed to be children (prevented from competing) until they're 18...! Some feminists want the age of consent raised to 25 to 'protect' young women from themselves, for their sake.

Women will always tell slave boys that Real Men keep women's competition from competing. Good job!

Ms MacDonald knows it's the girl's fault. Women know they needed more violent beatings and stricter controls when they were girls, so they abuse their daughters for their sake. Retroactive control by proxy. Seems legit.

People who care about children's welfare don't bring them to a world of depraved emotional cannibals.

Women know the value of privacy. Reality concealed no longer exists, in the minds of women. They do it to their faces every day, embracing the concealed appearance as their new reality. The cosmetic obsession with keeping up appearances has produced a species of deceit-obsessed narcissists who hate their true Self. The false image they project to the world is their only concern. Brave cowards will kill and die for no reason, if it's trendy.

Bravery has nothing to do with courage. Bravery is a front, the show of courage, a fearless display. More than violence or death, humans fear shame / disapproval. After taking their courage away, mothers tell their boys, "You need to be brave."

Brave boys need to prove their worth if you make them feel worthless. With courage, you never need to be brave.

The oppressive nanny State is taking away the Right to abuse children. It's an outrage..!

Reduced women have pretexts for making everyone suffer to please them. Ms Scully knows girls need beating for their sake, or they could get pregnant...! Alternatively, if women stopped infantilising girls, keeping them ignorant and selfless, children could be educated with the truth they need to protect themselves.

Competing With Women who Fear Competition has always been a sin. All fun has been declared immoral or illegal as the Matriarchy has total control. If men controlled Society, there would be nothing but feasts, orgies, games, festivals, concerts, banquets and sports.

The future of "normal".
Why do women hate fun?
Objects fear competition.
Why do they fear competition?
Objects can't compete.
Why can't they compete?
Objects make girls uncompetitive.

Why can't we break this cycle of insanity?
Objects don't realise we're in a cycle. They think it's normal. It is. They think "normal" is sane. It is not.

The moral values of this species are all demented. "Good girls" are good for selling themselves. Only "bad girls" like having fun. This is the virgin / whore dichotomy of Society's slave-owning women.
Sigmund Freud...defined the concept in the early 1900′s as part of a way of explaining male sexuality and hatred/fear of women.   
As virgins don't have sex and whores sell sex, this is the work of men who only like sex they have to pay for -- or -- this is the work of misogynist women who hate their competition. 

Men are incapable of being misogynist. Why would men hate women for being women? Why would men hate women for being humane, kind, warm, honest, contributing, caring, self-reliant, self-sufficient, liberated, constructive, empathetic, independent, interesting, engaging, valuable, intelligent and hard-working? Why would men hate women for protecting and educating happy children (who would never need to suffer to please or ever need to be brave)?

Men who respect fake women are the women-haters.

"If you don't treat her like a whore, don't be upset when someone else does."
Why are women being treated at all? Treating women = abusing children. Husbands are child abusers by proxy. 

Fake Women: "Marriage or GTFO."
Real men: "Go fuck yourself, literally."
Beta men: "Would you do me the honour?"

Reduced women had one job to do and they didn't want to do it, so imbecilic men gave them the future to look after.

...and now it's gone.