Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Lies Every Man Wants To Hear

Like all whores, she dreams of innocence. But, distinct from them, she demands to be believed, and believed sincerely.
- Tiqqun (Raw Materials For A Theory Of The YoungGirl)
There are fools and then there are women who imagine they're shrewd when they take advice from malicious women about how to be malicious.

Vibe Weekly: Lies Every Man Wants To Hear 
Today’s woman has forgotten how to keep a man. Now, amidst the hunger for a career, equality, affirmative action and equal opportunity, this classic idea of the homemaker is almost a forgotten career choice. 
Well, whether you have been hunting without success, struggling to keep your man, trying to get your man back or even trying to be a second or third wife, there are a few lies that every man wants to hear. 
1.    Please, Thank You, Sorry  
2.    You Make Me Laugh  
3.    This is Steve, Steve meet my friend George  
4.    You are so different 
5.    You make me feel comfortable 
6.     No one else makes me feel this way  
7.    I have never… 
8.    Thinking of You 
9.    I have had a wonderful time 
10.    Wasn't it you I told that story? 
11.    I'm not Mad 
12.    I am so Confused  
13.    You Made Me This Way 
14.    You’re the best

The Recipe: 
1.   Please, Thank You, Sorry 
Standard British etiquette works. Everywhere. Use it, even if you don't really mean it. Manners set you apart from all the other ratchet chicks he’s been hanging out with, makes you classy, special.
2.    You make me laugh 
Every man has been told the fable that women laugh at jokes told by men they like, good or not. “You make me laugh” is a trigger, tells him, I like you, he has been conditioned to believe this is so.
3.    This is Steve, Steve meet my friend George 
This is when you are with the A man, and you need to introduce him to the other man in your life. Or your friend. Or whatever. From Steve’s perspective, you called him by his name, and made the other man “the friend”, declaring him the winner of the cock fight, at least for that moment.
4.    You are so different 
LOL. I never understand why men buy this one. But all men like being told they are different from other men, they are special, unique. He feels selected, chosen, elevated, placed on your pedestal.
5.    You make me feel so comfortable 
This has psychologically been proven to trigger a sense of long term passion. Pick your moment to use this line very carefully; as it sends some packing if said too soon, said just right and you have him for life.
6.    No one else makes me feel this way 
Use sparingly. This can evoke vigorous emotions and untold reactions in some men. Say it in bed as well. Say it once. He will remember it forever.
7.    I have never …. 
I have never … is a very simple but extremely effective game to play. Run with it as far as you can! Take him to your local introduce him to your favorite waiter. Claim to have never introduced anyone else. He came by at the salon you told your favorite hairdresser his name, claim you have never let any other man see you at the salon. He meets you up with the girls and you told everyone who he is, claim you have never let anyone meet your friends but he is different, he makes you feel comfortable and no one else makes you feel that way. Get the idea? This makes him feel special, stroke his ego.
8.    Thinking of you 
Men are dogs, they need training. Pavlov’s dog was trained through repetitive triggers. Train your man the same way. For example, if you want him to always think of you at 8 pm every day, for two weeks, every other day at exactly 8 PM, send him the text, “Thinking of You”. By the end of the second week of doing this, he will always think of you at 8:01 whether he wants to or not.
9.    I have had a wonderful time 
He wants to satisfy you. The illusion that he makes you happy makes him happy.
10.    Wasn't it you I told that story? 
Sadly, men always, eventually, get comfortable. This lie is to stir things up. When he’s been getting some on the regular and is getting lazy as all men do, he begins to slip up. 
11.    I'm not mad 
This one is about restraint. You go out and he is checking out the competition? Don’t say a word about it, don't be mad. That will Mess. Him. Up.
12.    I am so confused 
This is especially true when you are being chased by other men. It is closely followed by I have a lot on my mind. These ones buy you time momentarily but be careful, they may not hold out for too long. This lie strings him along as you decide what to do.
13.   You Made Me This Way 
And after all is said and done, he still needs to feel like he was the centre of your existence. All the things you are now, he made you that way. This lie can evoke responsibility. 
14.    You’re the best 
Most people think this is the right thing to say during the relationship. But men know this may not be true, and may stir insecurity instead. This lie is best used after it's over, and you want to keep ties. He believes this lie at this point. He thinks you have evaluated the relationship from outside its confines, and without selfishness, crowned him the best.
Lie with your body and mind. Remember, the heart is not so smart.
Taking advice about men from your competition is smart, if you love domestic violence. 

149 times she refused to leave where her antisocial provocation wasn't welcome. 
When the YoungGirl has come to the end of the age of childishness, where it becomes impossible to not ask herself about ends without suddenly finding herself short of means (which can happen pretty late in this society), she reproduces.
- Tiqqun (Raw Materials For A Theory Of The Young-Girl)
 When sociopathic liars became mothers, they destroyed the minds and lives of their children. Their broken children destroyed the world.

Not smart like her. Her infantile lies make her mind valuable.
 "Men are supposed to take care of us!" 
That is true. Humanely.