Thursday, 27 March 2014

Rape Culture in India

The facts:

  • Consensual sex "on many occasions".
The circumstances:

  • If she wasn't having sex with multiple partners, she would have no reason to refuse DNA testing.
  • She claims she had no interest in sex (this is a biological lie) and only "submitted to the lust of the accused" on many occasions because he promised marriage (it's possible he lied to get her to do what woman want to do a great deal more than men biologically could).
  • He claims she is being coerced by her parents to say he promised to marry her (highly likely as mothers slut-shame their daughters to perpetuate the demented lie that rests on the imbecilic premise that the genes of women averse to reproductive activity were promoted by Natural Selection over the genes of women obsessed with sex).
So the entire case is an utter farce with the implausibly ridiculous offences ("making a woman pregnant by false promise", "rape by deception") legislated by the bio-political State exploiting the cultural lies of slut-shamed women abused by their abused mothers who were abused as girls, and so on.

I couldn't find out what happened to this poor bastard but the injustice wrought by this demented biological lie generated the need that destroyed the entire world. What could go wrong?

Monday, 24 March 2014

Foul Play Suspected by the Usual Suspects

This species has been so conditioned to be traumatised by death but with suicide and unhappiness both stigmatised, the Matriarchy reveals their diabolical evil. Martyrdom is glorified. Euthanasia is stigmatised. But I can't live in a world where children come to die.

The lies of denial and the endless nauseating harassment to Think Positive (because if you thought accurately, you'd go on a killing spree) are internalised so fiercely by those who refuse to accept reality, their rhetoric gets a little nauseating.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Wisdom of King Solomon

You could count the stories worth reading in the Bible on one hand, but The Wisdom of King Solomon ( 1 Kings 3:16-27 ) is one of them.

The story goes like this:
Two women come before King Solomon to settle a maternity dispute over a baby they each claim to be the mother of. What happened was they were living in a house together as harlots when they both gave birth to boys around the same time. 
One night, one of the mothers killed her baby by rolling over it in her sleep. For reasons that aren't fully explained, she simply got up and stole the other woman's baby to replace her dead one. The mother of the living baby woke up, freaked out and then realised what had happened.
The kidnapper denied stealing the baby, of course; so the two women were trapped in a classic "She said, she said" situation and these were the days before DNA tests so King Solomon is like, "This is bullshit. I don't have time for this. Take a sword, chop the baby in two and give half to each one." 
He's a busy King, he doesn't have all day to listen to women who are professional liars accuse each other of lying. 
A soldier pulls out his sword as commanded and grabs the baby, at which point one of the two women cries out in horror, "No, don't kill my baby. Give it to her." And King Solomon, wise as an owl, is like, "Aha! That's the real mother right there," because the other woman was all like, "Yeah, chop it up. Fair is fair."

Friday, 21 March 2014

In Polite Society, Everyone is Rude.

The word "bossy" implies women need better communication skills. Men who are "bossy" get smacked in the kisser but no one will ever smack her. It's in her interests to handle her own smacking. No one likes an antisocial bully.
I don't know why my comment below was censored but it's a really good comment. It might be obvious stuff but in a world this detached from reality, if you're not stating obvious truths repetitively, you probably shouldn't be stating anything at all.
"If you have nothing true to say, then don't say anything at all."
- mothers (in Civil Society)