Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Last of the Humans

Nearly everyone is psychotic. Their thoughts and feelings are not in sync with reality. This is what happens when children are raised with lies and violence. 

People get offended when their need for others to suffer to please them is not respected. But no one has hurt them, they just cut themselves in their imagination, too insane to realise their self-inflicted emotional abuse isn't valid.

To imagine needless suffering is psychotic.

When blame is projected for the pain they imagine, they become the First Offender. By accusing someone of hurting their feelings, they are claiming to have lost control of their mind. Their opinions aren't valid. They're out of their mind.

No one is entitled to an invalid opinion

"Who decides what's valid or invalid?"

It's not subjective. I am not psychotic, for example; exposed skin and mean words cannot hurt me.

When women use force and fraud to raise children Right, they're handicapping children for slavery (a crime worse than murder). Men and children are willing to play fair. Women need lies and violence to secure illegitimate entitlement. Their malice is the source of all confusion. This is not a subjective opinion. 

People who take offence are victims of women's child abuse. They blame everyone but themselves for failing to soothe their dissonance. 

You may genuinely feel threatened but if your concerns are not valid, your feelings will be hostile and offensive. Ignorance is never justified. We are individually responsible for our conduct, no matter what. No one has the Right to be stupid. 

Aversion to honesty, reality or biology is antisocial.
Women will never accept the reality of their psychosis. Their lunacy will be protected by those who derive profit and power from their dysfunctional minds and authoritarian children. They will never compete fairly. They will never be humane. They will continue to project their antisocial aversion to [people having fun without hurting anyone].

Men must sleep alone.

Creeps take offence as a pretext to use force or fraud. Child-abusing lunatics pretending to worship fictional deities, their delicate sensibilities assaulted by any threat to their ancient birthright (to enslave men and children). No one can see the nature of women's evil because every child is blinded at birth.  

Lies, violence and shame went viral when women withheld favour whilst simultaneously making boys suffer. The more boys are made to suffer, the more value they ascribe to the favour withheld. 

Women withhold favour not because it's precious but because it's worthless. Men are biologically coded to want to please (which presents as a desire for sex) so women obstruct to prevent men from discovering the truth; men's objects reward, women's objects are rewarded. To be fair, women need value to bring to men. But they don't want to. Men are raped for life instead. 

As Nietzsche points out, women are not enough, they need more. Men are enough, only women's vanity makes girls demand more. Girls who don't are killed. Women can only exploit their illusory worth if men are confused, so they spend all their time creating confusion; deceiving, degrading, ridiculing, insulting, shaming and tearing men down to make them feel worthless and at fault. Wedlock is the endgame. 

Society objectifies women but their true worth is a lie. They're biological frauds.

Sanity cannot defeat Insanity but only Sanity could have won. Women need children of Their Own and no one makes them explain why orphans are no good. Biological trust is needed for betrayal, to induce the trauma that fuses victims of abuse with their abusers (capture-bonding).  

Women inflict pain to sell pain relief. 

Heroically defiant toddlers are violently assaulted. When they behave (submit to domination), the violence is reduced. But cessation of abuse is not a reward.
The violence wasn't warranted.  

Loving boys are emotionally assaulted, made to feel worthless by women's shaming. They rush to war, literally dying to impress. No longer ashamed, survivors return but there's no reward. The shaming wasn't warranted. 

Women force the 
Gift of Slavery onto deity children; obliterating their brilliant minds to create boys for war, girls for sale. The horror is untenable but only I can see reality. Everyone else has been blinded.  

veryone loves Big Mother.