Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Unnatural Selection

What cannot be sustained is suicidal.
I've asked this question numerous times and finally received an interesting response from a commenter on ReturnofKings: "Why would Natural Selection promote psychotic, emotional vases over the emotionally stable?"

"The Young-Girl has neither opinions nor positions of her own.
She takes shelter as soon as she can in the shadow of the winners."
- Tiqqun, Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl

Her slave. Her property. She's afraid of competition.
Who's winning? What have they won?

In this world, winning has been conflated with eliminating competitors in fear of competition. That is not competing. Well, you can't win if you don't compete.

I don't make the rules. 

'Winning', in the best Christian tradition. The power of cannibalism.

"I am defined by ME."
It isn't my opinion that women are obsessed with deceit, peddling the dumbest lie in the history of Natural Selection. It's not my opinion that women selling themselves for love, commitment, marriage or preferential treatment are selling needy. It's not just the way I feel. In reality, objectified women have no value.

You can imagine yourself to be worth anything you please in fantasy, but we exist in a reality where women are trying to sell worthless sentiment (their favours, feelings, approval, etc). There is nothing for men who aren't broken and cannot be validated by the approval of frauds in this world of unmerited entitlement. This isn't just my opinion. In reality, there is no reward for merit. 

Miley is hated for having fun without hurting anyone.
Women want to be valued for being a liability. Their mothers do this intentionally. "Men won't value you if you're easy." Why are mothers objectifying their daughters for sale to men? Shouldn't girls be raised to value themselves instead of obsessing over whether or not broken, needy men will marry them?

Girls will go out of their way to be "difficult" to avoid appearing "easy". Men don't buy "easy" girls so women break the faith to create the illusion of worth. But if being "easy" made girls worthless (as mothers claim), would being "difficult" make girls worth more or worth less than worthless?

In true competition, you can only lose if you refuse to compete. Wanting your betters to be better makes you better. Your betters will want you to be better. This is how mutual advantage works.

Nothing is more selfish than wanting everyone to be better than you. If your mother had Self, she'd have understood that when you reduce the value of others, you reduce yourself. The fortunes of this sorry species rise and fall as one. If you had Self, you'd understand.

Life is not a zero-sum game.

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