Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Betrayal of Capt John Brown

"Had I so interfered on behalf of the rich, the powerful, the intelligent, the so-called great...and suffered and sacrificed what I have in this interference, it would have been all right..." 
- John Brown (to the Virginia Court in Charlestown on Nov 2, 1859)

"Reminiscences of the Civil War by a Confederate Staff Officer"
In Harper's Ferry there was an armory and arsenal belonging to the government. At the time of the raid large quantities of arms, 100,000 stand of rifles, had been made there and were stored in the arsenal for use when needed.
The north easternmost end of the Valley of Virginia was settled by families mainly from Eastern Virginia, attracted by the fertility of the soil. They brought with them the institution of slavery, which, no matter what its faults may have been, gave to the people a phase of social life, an immunity from the drudgery of existence, a leisure for the cultivation of mind and manners. People opposed to slavery were simply ignorant of the subject. They said slavery was brutal, therefore slave-owners were brutal. Bad men are brutal often, and some slave-owners were brutal; but that they were brutal as a class, I deny.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

"Let Them Eat Shit."

The Poor are led to believe that their suffering in poverty is the fault of the selfish Rich, who do not share their hoarded wealth. But the Rich didn't give birth to the Poor. They’re poor because their mothers bred them in poverty, after choosing to pursue cosmetics and sex in lieu of employment opportunities.

The mothers then raise their slave victims with violent lies of entitlement, placing the Rich in an extremely awkward position (on the wrong side of hostile demographics). The Poor know they can use force to take from the Rich, and the Rich are used to buying reprieve -- which doesn't always pan out as intended, but you know "mean words"? They're not always as mean as they seem to the butt-hurt victims of their mothers' emotional abuse.
“Let them eat cake.”
Maybe she was saying, "Let them eat save our necks." It seems a lot more likely. Why would she care about hurting their feelings?

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Made In Her Image

I was asked to answer an interesting question on Quora:

What Would Happen If Women Had The Same Muscle Power As Men?

It's a good question and the answer is - 
initially - a hell of a lot more rape. God doesn't make mistakes, which is why you wear clothes to conceal your shame of being created in Her image. 

"Don't think too much!"

I understand that helps.

In Greek mythology, truth is hidden in plain sight:

In our surreal and unnatural reality, if marriage ("Till Death Do Us Part"), cosmetics (fraud), clothes (compulsory objectification) and violent discipline (for having fun without hurting anyone) are anything to go by, women are a little shaky on the concepts of consent"free will" and (the John Stuart Mill definition of) liberty.

The damage to children sustained by Janet Jackson's dangerous mammary gland aside, there would be some positives if women were the same size as men. For example, they could fight their own indecent wars and that would be a relief.

Contrary to the propaganda fed to brave boys by their mothers (that war is an adventure for heroes and that any traitorous cowards who don't fancy killing
 or dying at the hands of innocents defending their homes deserve to be stigmatised, harassed and incarcerated), war is actually a horrific mess of unthinkable trauma that amounts to naked cannibalism.

Boys don't fight wars for fun.