Thursday, 9 October 2014

"Let Them Eat Shit."

The Poor are led to believe that their suffering in poverty is the fault of the selfish Rich, who do not share their hoarded wealth. But the Rich didn't give birth to the Poor. They’re poor because their mothers bred them in poverty, after choosing to pursue cosmetics and sex in lieu of employment opportunities.

The mothers then raise their slave victims with violent lies of entitlement, placing the Rich in an extremely awkward position (on the wrong side of hostile demographics). The Poor know they can use force to take from the Rich, and the Rich are used to buying reprieve -- which doesn't always pan out as intended, but you know "mean words"? They're not always as mean as they seem to the butt-hurt victims of their mothers' emotional abuse.
“Let them eat cake.”
Maybe she was saying, "Let them eat save our necks." It seems a lot more likely. Why would she care about hurting their feelings?

Be that as it may, the US is something like $222 trillion in debt because Somebody Needs To Pay for women to have sex and raise children they have neither the intent nor capacity to provide for.

Under ‘normal’ circumstances, the need would spill over into war but there isn't much value left for the US military to pillage to pay for American women’s illegitimate entitlement. Every plantation-State is up to their necks in debt, choking on the oppressive need of noncontributing women (who withhold their favour to trick men into valuing their concealed - fraudulent - worth). There's nobody left to pay.

Forbes: 1.6 Billion Rounds of Ammo for Homeland Security? It's Time for a National Conversation

This purchase of ammo signals an intent by the Rich to prepare to do what needs to be done. Automation is rendering the slave force redundant.

The broken children of reduced women - raised with violence, traumatic shame and lies for mindless obedience – are rarely good for anything but menial labour and, of course, violence.

The Rich are being forced into an untenable position. They cannot control women’s obsession with breeding slaves of Their Own nor can they protect children from being made attached to their mothers' violent lies of illegitimate entitlement. The Rich are going to cull. The Poor will force the issue by demanding more and more cake. Somebody Needs To Pay but there's no more cake.
“Let them eat shit.”
It’s not like they don’t deserve it.