Saturday, 11 October 2014

Valuable Lies

Nothing I say can make people understand that their malicious lies aren't valuable. 

She did not try to understand why guys who don't need to lie are honest. She took offence at the suggestion that only idiotic men would want to be blinded by exploitable and fatal love. She started getting obnoxious when I told her marriage was a hijack that men have no possible reason to want and that any man who claimed otherwise was either lying or a pathetic fool. Who would want to be bound to liability? When I asked her to explain the need for contracts backed by State violence to force men to provide perpetual support to women who aren't willing to perpetually earn or deserve that support, she said I was crazy and blocked me.

I'm not the one who can't answer simple questions.

It's insane to carry women who can't - or won't - take care of themselves after choosing to spend their lives inflicting suffering on men to make them want to suffer to please them. Suffer or they'll make you suffer.

Men are violently forced into decades of suffering for no possible reward in this world of unmerited - delusional - entitlement. There is only pain inflicted and pain relief. Paying women to relieve the pain they've inflicted is insane. I don't care if it's "normal". War is "normal". Insanity is "normal".

We don't learn anything. This is a world of infantile demons breeding Their Own prey.