Thursday, 11 September 2014

House-builder, you are seen!

Leeches find no peace disturbing the peace.
Egypt's priests enslaved Israel's house in bondage. This is what the children of Israel were told by Their Own but those priests were eunuchs and in any case, men don't give birth. 

A free human has never been enslaved. If you take the liberty of a human away, you will have a prisoner and not a slave. By definition, slaves do not perceive themselves as slaves but you will be a slave if you Know Your Place or Respect the Law of Authority or feel Might is Right or have Duty / Obligation to Suffer for an Other (who isn't a child). Humans only know what they've been told. Slaves are bred for exploitation, broken with violent deceit and shame, reduced to selfless conformists, betrayed by Their Own.

They were grieved because slaves are useless, indolent, lazy leeches. They have no Self so if you don't nag, harass and beat them into constant fearful submission, they just start dabbling in mischief. Their minds are gone so if you don't think for them constantly, they have no initiative. But they will ignore your explicit instructions and cut corners, butcher simple tasks and make a godawful mess out of everything. They're not worthless, they're worth less; I had employees in the Philippines, mindless zombies who Knew Best.

The more Egyptian priests afflicted them, the more children the women betrayed. That is why women are oppressed. It's their despicable capacity to breed slaves for Massa that guarantees their affliction.

160 years ago, a leading figure of the abolitionist and women's rights movements named Sojourner Truth gave a speech on gender inequality at a women's convention in Ohio. "Ain't I A Woman?" became her most famous speech but for 160 years, no one has seen this truth:
"I could work as much and eat as much as a man - when I could get it - and bear the lash as well! And ain't I a woman? I have borne thirteen children, and seen most all sold off to slavery, and when I cried out with my mother's grief, none but Jesus heard me! And ain't I a woman?"
Three questions:
  1. Who gives the Gift of Slavery to an innocent child on a plantation where hungry slaves get the lash? 
  2. After how many innocents doomed to lives of misery was she going to stop being surprised? 20? 50? 
  3. How was she confused about her status as a slave? "sold off to slavery"? No. Born into slavery, sold off by her to Massa for $0 (+ benefits).
Christian slave traders (who needed gold to procure Christian women's favour, withheld for reasons that warrant closer scrutiny) did not bring the slaves from the Old World to the New. They just brought a few prisoners, but they weren't doing it for fun? Christian mothers tell their daughters that women's bodies are God's Gift to Men (who have enough rubies to buy virtuous whores for sale).
God works in mysterious ways if you're retarded but the slaves were brought to the plantations by their mothers, all of whom were selfless wretches like Sojourner Truth. Massa can't give birth. Massa can't traumatise slaves with capture-bonding to reverse love. Massa can't break children to respect Authority in lieu of Self. Only mothers can betray Their Own young. Men are accessories to the betrayal but men cannot give birth. 

The Jesuits used to boast that if you gave them the boy for his first seven years, he'd be their man for life. No one turned a Jesuits' man. And no one turns mothers' men.

One last question:

  • Why are women oppressed by mothers' men? 
Until humans come to terms with the naked truth of their betrayal, bringing life to this world of psychotic demons - where bitch 'men' broken and betrayed Their Own mothers imagine it's shrewd to kill, fight, rape, assault, manipulate, molest, abuse, exploit, enslave and lie Lie LIE non-stop in pursuit of happiness (look, that's not going to work) - is a Crime Against Humanity.

The more you afflict them, the more they multiply and grow. We are afflicted for your capacity to betray Your Own.

106,000,000,000 victims of mothers' betrayal. You are one. I am one. But there is no blood on my hands. I will not negotiate with hijackers. House-builder, you are seen!

You will not build a house again.