Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Gates of Hell Were Opened By Love.

This woman was killed by women who hate women for being women. The puppets are women's sons. They have no motive to kill a woman who loves sex. They're Selfless shells being used by their mothers to eliminate their own best interests and further consolidate their existence as unwitting slaves. 
The pretext for removing the competitive threat to Matriarchal control was God's (mothers') declaration that women who are promiscuous are immoral. God ostensibly Intelligently Designed women to feel a certain way, then prohibited them from feeling that way. This woman died for truth. 
These sons-of-bitches were doing the work their mothers, who persecute and kill honest women who threaten their stranglehold on power. The mothers of these boys were the real murderers of this girl, but the blood of every girl who dies for truth is on the hands of all who know the truth and remain silent. To hell with your refusal to identify yourself as a victim; we are all the victims of Matriarchal misogynyBut why must we continue to be?

We can protect children from those who need them to suffer or we can go extinct. Those are our only options; we either embrace truth and live in Utopia or continue to fight to survive our mothers' lies. If we choose the latter, and I perceive very little that suggests otherwise, we will live miserable lives as slaves to lies; fighting to survive each other in quiet desperation and suffering, in existential solitude before dying in misery and terror. Alone.

Perhaps with a filthy leech by our side to hear our Last Confession but vermin don't count. The Middlemen of Blasphemy (to suggest that an omniscient and omnipotent God requires Holy men to communicate His Will to humans is heresy, by their definition) are not human beings; they're leeches who prey on human suffering.

All the misery on this planet is the product of leeches who sell the 'commodity' of pain 'relief'.

Misogynist mothers.
Misogynist priests.

The Last Confession is merely the juiciest Intel.

God = Allah = Jehovah = Yahweh Shibboleth 

Power, Misogyny, Morality, Law, Inhumanity, Love, Hate, Shame, Cannibalism, Leaching, Needy, War > Mutually Assured Destruction. 

Yahweh is the God of Cannibalistic Leeches. Preparing for War, leeches took full 'advantage' of the Sane (who were not at War with humans when Yahweh showed up with all his needy misery). 

In preparing for Peace, the Sane were no match for the Insane, who slaughtered all their betters. You now live in a valueless world of leeches at War with each other and themselves. Praise the Lord!

Love Him or He'll kill your great-grandchildren. He's an emotionally insane God of Jealousy who does not take rejection well. 

He's the pretext needed by the pathetic, power-obsessed religious sons-of-bitches and daughters-of-whores. Give them what they want or they will murder you in pious outrage before saying Grace at every meal. They give thanks during Thanksgiving to the pretext that drives their miserable cannibalistic fight to survive. 

By pretending their leaching was Holy, they were able to rationalise the need to destroy what truly is (or was) a world of bountiful plenty before some psychotic leeches with a Holy pretext to kill, rape and pillage saw 'opportunity' where there wasn't any, to take what they did not create or produce, to wage War against their own species, to molest and enslave their own children, to destroy the entire world. What an opportunity to take advantage of themselves! They grasped that opportunity with both hands. 

This is our heritage.

I wonder if John Donne ever realised he lived in a world of dead people fighting to survive? They're so busy fighting each other to survive their own insanity, they cannot even stop for a moment and listen for the bell that has tolled for 5000 years of religious leaching.

I cannot write like John Donne but if I could, I wouldn't. Those who seek truth will find it and no one who values truth cares about the format or style in which it's delivered to them. Why would they limit themselves like that? Beautiful prose is sought by those who are not interested in discovering truth; they value pleasant lies and seek only validation for their entrenched position. 

Every member of our species has the identical motive to pursue the identical emotional state of being; happiness. I'm not sure if it's ironic, but the game has been rigged so outrageously in Humanity's favour, it's almost scandalous. 

In this game, everyone can win. Life has never been a zero sum game. Enlightenment is the understanding that there is a catch to the Game of Life; everyone has to Win or everyone has to lose

le Carre is a living genius. In this single quote you can find clues to:
  • The Meaning of Life
  • The Optimal Way to Play and Win
  • Why No One Has Won in (Known) History
  • The Special Nature of Exploitation
  • The Value of Hoarded Truth
When the non-renewable resources this cannibalistic, child-mutilating, tribal species of vermin is frantically consuming (to relieve the pain inflicted by those who hold up non-essential consumables as pain relief) are near depletion, there will be rivers of blood and horror like nothing we can imagine.

The End of Life as we know it is almost certain to occur before the century is out.
People think they have time but it's not like that. The resources are nearing depletion already and in the case of fresh water (a non-renewable resource), we aren't going to run out. We've run out. 

This species is doomed because of love. Think about what you would do if those you love were suffering in agony. 

You're going to do it for love.

You will scream for Humanity to save you but Humanity doesn't exist. It died thousands of years ago. It's a phantom concept used to Confidence trick children into believing there's a point in contributing for the benefit of leeches. 

You will scream for your sovereign plantation-state to save you but your tribe only exists to exploit you.

You will scream for your families and your friends, but they'll be screaming for you. In any case, everyone will have their hands full taking care of Their Own loved ones (more important than your loved ones). 

You will scream for your rat gods to save you but they are used by Toddlers to kill, rape, pillage, burn, destroy. Humans don't need gods to be humane; they need gods to be inhumane.

You will scream, you will bleed and you will die in misery and agony. No one can save you from you, with the possible exception of you.

The Solution is easy so of course, everyone is going to die. To avoid extinction, this world must get over its obsession with taboos, offence, denial, fear and loving abusers long enough to resolve these questions:

  1. "Why do we need misogyny?"  
  2. "Why do we need love?"
  3. "Why do we need to carry leeches?"

They do not capiche. And so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into betrayal.