Sunday, 12 May 2013

You Cannot Free Slaves or You Don't Understand Slavery.

I know a little about slavery. A comment from

You cannot free slaves because slaves cannot really perceive their reality. All they know is what they've been allowed to see. Everyone knows love blinds. No one wonders about what they've been prevented from seeing or why their mother wanted to blind them.

No one in North Korea perceives themselves as slaves.

They only know what they've been told. They love their Supreme Leader for the same reasons you would love him in their shoes. Everyone talks about how amazing he is. They're in a glorious and noble fight against villainous foes! Every hand is on deck for the mighty struggle that they will win - obviously - being on the side of Good v the Evil Imperialists.

The funny thing is they're probably happier than most; at least until the famine and hunger, etc.

It's a very similar situation in The Land of the Free.

To imagine you perceive a reality even remotely identifiable with the reality is kind of obtuse. Until I was 29, the thought hadn't occurred to me was what I was seeing was not real.