Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Religious Leaders Always Call for Tolerance

But the Toddlers never listen.

Toddler mothers freeze the emotional development of their children at the age of [toddler]. Their bodies grow, their intellect develops but they remain needy, emotional Toddlers for life.

The above is especially insightful because when Toddlers are given authority to misbehave, they throw themselves into it as if they were waiting for the chance their entire lives. Genocide, war crimes, police brutality, domestic violence, violent discipline; "You will respect my authority!"

Religion 101. You Toddlers are Special, entitled Toddlers. The heathen Toddlers are not Special. They must convert or die. Onwards religious Toddlers. 

Religion is just a pretext for Toddler malice; rape, murder, theft, violence.

Here are some Bangladeshi Police Toddlers communicating with Bangladeshi Muslim Toddlers. The Toddler Police are just following orders, of course; but with disturbing vigour and enthusiasm.