Monday, 8 July 2013

The Buddha's Light.

I am not Enlightened and I do not imagine I'll ever be. But I think I know what it looks like. I can see things others cannot perceive. Truths that others are blind to. This is what I perceive of the Buddha's light. 

The Buddha's message has very little to do with Buddhism. The monks are almost all corrupted. The Buddha preached a message of pure simplicity and truth that makes perfect sense; it eschews anything especially religious or even mystical.

It's almost pure logic (some of the purest I've seen; pure optimality) and it can be summed up in one word: 


Whilst some pain is an inevitable part of life, all suffering is the product of malice (ignorance is malicious) and endured needlessly.

A mere fraction of 1% of human misery is inevitable; the rest could be eliminated. It is inflicted on humans with intent by those who need to impose upon others (because they have no Self and are suffering themselves). 

It is they who create Maya (illusion / enchanted spell / fantasy) with their lies and manipulative tricks intended to corrupt perception, hijack the senses, induce desire; clearly for the purpose of control (human slavery).

If one falls under the spell of Maya, it is likely to take a near-death experience (and a desire to see truth, I guess) to break free of the illusions which enslave nearly all of Humanity. Every newborn child is overwhelmed with Maya almost from the first moment of consciousness. Maya was also the name of the Buddha's mother; and this seems especially relevant.

Maya is used to manipulate (corrupt) perception to create illusions that enslave victims who are unaware that the illusion is not real. It is evil. Under the spell of Maya, humans do unspeakable things to each other (which create Maya corruption); killing, deceit, slander, abuse, gossip, envy, hatred, refusal to value truth, embracing lies, etc.

Desire and illusion. Her name is [Maya].

All of this emotional corruption fuels malice which is inflicted in direct violation to Self; for when the blur of Maya is lifted, the truth one can perceive is horrifying. 

In the absence of Self, we're destroying ourselves. 

Maya has trapped the human species in a fight for survival against enemies created by humans trapped in a fight for survival who were made to be combative by humans trapped in a fight for survival. We have no enemies but ourselves. We've lost 100 billion to needless blind fighting amidst Maya illusions created by those without Self. No one has won. No one is winning. Everyone can win but it comes with a catch. 

Everyone must win so that everyone can.

Of course we must never seek to control another. We can only control our Self. 

To free yourself from Maya is easy enough if you want it. Cut the chains and you're free.

Enlightenment looks like perfect optimality.

The beauty of truth glows. Logically, it's perfect. It's got nothing to do with religion at all. If you cannot see what is there to be seen, it's possible that I have explained it poorly. But I am not here to teach anyone but myself. Your teacher is delayed. I expect he'll be along shortly.