Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Wisdom of King Solomon

You could count the stories worth reading in the Bible on one hand, but The Wisdom of King Solomon ( 1 Kings 3:16-27 ) is one of them.

The story goes like this:
Two women come before King Solomon to settle a maternity dispute over a baby they each claim to be the mother of. What happened was they were living in a house together as harlots when they both gave birth to boys around the same time. 
One night, one of the mothers killed her baby by rolling over it in her sleep. For reasons that aren't fully explained, she simply got up and stole the other woman's baby to replace her dead one. The mother of the living baby woke up, freaked out and then realised what had happened.
The kidnapper denied stealing the baby, of course; so the two women were trapped in a classic "She said, she said" situation and these were the days before DNA tests so King Solomon is like, "This is bullshit. I don't have time for this. Take a sword, chop the baby in two and give half to each one." 
He's a busy King, he doesn't have all day to listen to women who are professional liars accuse each other of lying. 
A soldier pulls out his sword as commanded and grabs the baby, at which point one of the two women cries out in horror, "No, don't kill my baby. Give it to her." And King Solomon, wise as an owl, is like, "Aha! That's the real mother right there," because the other woman was all like, "Yeah, chop it up. Fair is fair."

Not a day goes by where I don't see a post on Google+ (always posted by women) advising everyone to compare themselves to the unfortunates of the world and be thankful for our blessings. For grownups who have never managed to attain emotional or financial independence, they sure do give a disproportionate amount of advice to the public-at-large. And in respect to feeling good about the suffering of others, that's literally the most valid reason - perhaps the only valid reason - a human has to feel bad. Objectified women are empathy-bankrupt. They have everything around the wrong way (wrong, in the sense that they're defeating themselves). Louis CK, on the other hand, always gets it right (right in the sense that it's selfish, winning play).

Unless you want to be miserable for life. 
Apparently, this obsession with comparing themselves with others is conditioned into girls pretty early because I refuse to accept girls are born with a predisposition to self-defeating sentiments or self-destructive malice. I don't really see how any self-defeating, emotional corruption (like the Matriarchal religions' psychotic constructs of jealousy, shameselfless lovejustice and revenge) could have survived Natural Selection. Until evidence is presented otherwise, I will flatly refuse to accept that any child is born with inhumane, self-defeating, malicious traits. 

Researchers have burned a billion USD trying to isolate the genetic cause of psychopathy but haven't been able to because there isn't one. Humans are not born bad; on the contrary, we're born as a blank slate that is overwhelmingly disposed to biological instincts that are all good (harmonious, selfish, mutually rewarding, humane). Truth is the only virtue. Caring for children is a no-brainer. Being humane is optimal. I just want to exploit children but you imbeciles don't know how to exploit value. Giving children the truth they need to take us into the stars is as cravenly selfish as humans can get. It's truly eerie how perfectly this world has been set up for all humans to Win.

We've been losing for 6000 years and we're completely lost because - somehow - mothers lost the plot and started preying on their own young. All the M.A.D. which has infected this confused species has to be a relatively recent sociological insanity as there is no biological advantage in disadvantaging those you rely upon for advantage. This species is interconnected, we rise or fall together. Now we've fallen too low to get back up. There's no opportunity for gain by reducing children to near-worthless for no reason other than to ensure exclusive control can be retained. To what end?

6000-year war of attrition. I hope we win!
Of the two women in the story about King Solomon's wisdom, you would like to imagine your mother more closely resembles the heroic mother in that story but the historical record of your development doesn't lend support to that sentiment. We were brought to a dying world of suffering and death where nearly every guy is either stupidly dangerous or dangerously stupid and nearly every girl has been reduced to a object for sale (peddling needy liability as if it had value). We've been bred for utility and disposal. 

You want it one way. But it's the other way. Children gain nothing from being attached. No mother with her child's interests in mind would want her child to be attached to anyone but themselves. Children gain nothing from being blinded by love. It's all downside. The truth this world doesn't want to accept is that girls are horribly abused by women who are terrified of competition and boys are horribly abused by women who set them up to be valorous and brave. They bleed in vain as avarice and rapine rape the land. 

We were brought to a hellhole of suffering, misery and death and tricked into believing there was a point in working hard to make our parents proud of us. We were conspired against, betrayed and sacrificed on the altar of our mother's need to avoid disapproval. We've been set up to be exploited by creepy elders who prey on children they've traumatised. For our crime of pleasing ourselves, we were made to suffer until we wanted to suffer to please [those who are pleased by suffering]. We were set up to feel ashamed of feelings only grownups knew were normal, tricked into feeling dirty and worthless and obligated. Our parents wanted to hold up as extensions (or substitutes) of themselves, credit for our successes was claimed by them and blame for our failures was assigned to us. We were bred, born and raised to be our parents' emotional toilets. 

They dumped all their shit on us.