Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Value of EX.

This girl I know wrote an emotional essay moaning about her EX and posted it on her LINE timeline. It was rather well-written actually, resplendent with EX. No doubt better than my effort below but hers was cruel and indignant, the venting of a narcissist Toddler frustrated with a world that can't get with her agenda. I don't know her EX is but I know why stalkers can't let go. They've been deceived

Truth is never unkind.

"The One and Only" is only confused by the value of EX. 

Be cautious EXploiting men who are feeling how they're supposed to feel. They don't EXactly live in the moment of your EXuberance with you. They won't understand your need to EXpress truth that varies. They were made by another to love their mother. They weren't made with you in mind. 

You are gaming men so you're not playing on their side. Neither are they but they're playing for keeps. If you don't EXplain to victims of your EXcitement how truth varies and why, they might EXit the game when you call time. They might just forget to leave you behind. I'm pretty sure this happens all the time. Why play fast and loose with a mother's Passion if you're not prepared to be a Crime.

When the Game is over, you want to live, get on with your life. I sympathise. You should know why your EX might want to die. Stalkers were made another to love their mother; to suffer, to serve, to sacrifice for life. Men have been dying to impress for a long time. 

Men who die for love will kill for love. In this Game, people can die. It's guaranteed when playing with kamikaze values as inEXplicable as seppaku (suicide for failing to die). Hard to win like that but men aren't raised with winning in mind. They don't value the win so much as the fight. Men won't value your cavalier deceit, they're not as fast and loose with the truth. They were made to be EXploited by others, not by you. Make them EX with caution. Stalkers don't play like you. The Game is over for them. They're in overtime. 

You can play with men like toys but mothers don't break boys for your amusement. You can pick them up, say they're The One, but they weren't made for that kind of use. They weren't made for you. Men who need to love were broken for love and bred with love. They live and die and fight for the One love. They weren't broken for you to break. I'm just saying...I'm not giving you advice.

I'm just are made to love for life.