Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Urgent Need for Leech-Shaming.

This is the first article I've ever seen which doesn't (idiotically) blame men for slut-shaming. It doesn't quite blame women, but a lot of care was taken to ensure gender neutrality. "A culture that hates women for having sex is a culture that hates women." Exactly. All the hatred comes from women. Why would men hate women for having sex? Why would men have reason to hate women for being women?

The first wars were fought for sex slaves. Why? 
All the hatred in the world is drawn from the Evil well of mothers' needy. Men don't give birth. All evil, all suffering, all lies, all violence, all imposition; there has never been a need for any of it. The human species is supposed to be a deity species existing without threats. Men have no biological need to fight.
Sex was the only thing they wanted. All other spoils were handed over.

Humans lie and use violence because mothers use lies and violence to make slaves out of children. Women who hate women for being women corrupted the Natural Order. They are the only disturbance of the peace. The first wars were fought for "women children" (sex slaves). Entire civilisations were obliterated by men who only wanted sex. How could this even be possible? What happened to all the honest 'sluts'? 

All the girls who liked sex were dead. Who needed to kill them? 
  • The most obvious suspect is Yahweh Shibboleth, the Lord who "spake unto Moses" (according to Moses). The name of the God worshipped by the Christian, Muslim and Judaic religions translates as "He who musters armies". Yahweh is the original War Lord, the God of War (which is how the great religions became 'great'; they're leeches who prepared for War, killing all their betters who prepared for Peace). It is possible that Moses (or the Lord who couldn't speak for herself) tricked the Chosen People into killing all women who liked sex just to create the environment for war but it's unlikely; what would be their motive? 
  • Women who want to sell / trade / leverage sex have motive to kill honest girls. Promiscuous women give away what entitled women want to leverage into marriage and commitment and treats. They don't want what is right (equality); they want to be treated Right (spoiled). Whores cannot sell sex in a world of honest girls; men would not pay for sex if women were pursuing them. Honest girls are bad for business (the business of prostituting oneself). Those immoral sluts!
  • Mothers who want sons to remain loyal (filial slaves) have motive to kill honest girls. Promiscuous women distract boys who are supposed to be caring for their mothers, leaving the miserable, wretched leeches to fend for themselves. The humanity! Those cursed Delilahs!
Wives afraid of losing their husbands, mothers afraid of losing their sons and overlords afraid of losing their power need to shame sluts to keep them from distracting men from doing their duty (suffering to please a leech). Only leeches who ride on the backs of deceived men (who work for free, fight for duty and die for love) have need to slut-shame. Men have no need to shame promiscuous women. 

The Bible was written by mothers (or sons
channelling their mothers' corrupted matriarchal values).
It is the Book of Slavery used by mothers who want to
control children, men and [women who like sex].
Why would a man be so tormented by [a woman
having fun without hurting anyone]? Torture, murder, hate.
These are the frustrated emotions of a mother losing a son.
For better or for worse (and it couldn't be worse), only mothers can dictate cultural and societal values. Mothers control first access. Give the Jesuits the first seven years of a boy and he'll be their (broken) man for life.

Boys need to be broken or they'd be their own man for life. 

Children need to be shamed or they'd love themselves.  

Men that love themselves have no conflict-of-interest. To love another is a conflict-of-interest and men cannot serve two masters. Men who love themselves have no need to lie or fight (lies and violence are insanely self-defeating). Men who love themselves have no need for malice. Evil is not the biological default. To need (to suffer) is not the natural state of man. Men who love themselves have no need.

If you love yourself, you could not hurt your best interests. To love oneself is to love all of Humanity. Not all humans are humane, of course; Humanity excludes all who seek advantage at its expense.

But mothers without Self want slaves which requires Self to be destroyed. The cycle of horror is perpetuated by a species living on credit, molesting itself. Using lies, shame, fear and violence, mothers chip away at children's encoded resistance to domination until they snap. When free will has been crushed, a human child dies and an inhumane slave is born. The tyrant's value system is adopted by the hostage (forced to accept their mother was "right all along").

When violence is no longer needed to persuade, the child mistakes the withdrawal of hostility for kindness and falls in love. Having been reduced, children are rendered worthless to anyone but the leeches who destroyed their Self.

Slaves need constant validation and approval. No longer able to validate themselves, children live for their mother, to please her, to suffer for her, to sacrifice their lives if need be, to achieve and excel and glorify a worthless leech who cannot please herself. Why should children make their mother proud? Why can't mothers just please themselves? Slaves who suffer to please are dangerous. Wars are fought by the broken sons of mothers who needed slaves.

Children will die or kill to please their mother because they've learned their lesson; when they pleased themselves, their mothers nearly killed them.

God was a very needy mother. 
All the twisted hatred, all the psychotic killing, all the inflicted misery, all the needless suffering, all the reduced depravity, all the leaching war, all the malicious lying; all evil is the result of mothers who need slaves. 

The only question left to answer is one of motive; why do mothers need love?

They were slut-shamed when they were girls. Shame knocks them down, greed pulls them up but not really; the opportunity to exploit men is an illusion. You cannot selfishly choose to be reliant on others. Women don't need love. They need Self.

Why do children need to respect anyone but themselves? Why should anyone listen to haters who use to manipulate others into pleasing them? Are children hurting anyone by pleasing themselves? Women must be made to please themselves. There is an urgent need for leech-shaming.

Leeches have no self-respect. Doing as one pleases without hurting anyone else cannot be shameful. If refusing to conform to the needy screams of disapproving leeches isn't self-respect, what would be? Girls shamed into respecting their mother's whore values are not respecting themselves. Leeches are a skidmark on the human existence. Their needy is a disgrace.

Sex doesn't hurt anyone. Only lies and ignorance can. All we have to shame is shame itself.

"No one got hurt until afterwards."

In a world of lies, this article is an impressive divergence from the putrid smear of amoral feminists. Is Sarah Ditum the bravest woman alive? Writing this article took genuine courage.

For over 5000 years now, honest girls have been purged by women who hate women for having sex.

Perhaps women are slowly coming back to life. The cause of Humanity isn't helped by women who perpetuate the combative lies; snivelling little vermin like Laurie Penny. "All men...benefit from sexism." What the hell is she babbling about? How do men benefit from women who shame women for having sex? How do men benefit from marriage? How do men benefit from women refusing to take care of themselves?

How can an husband obligated to care for his wife or a child suffering to please their mother be distinguished from slaves?

Women are hijacking decency with their illegitimate need to be treated.
How can a girl be my best friend or wife if she can't take care of herself?
Women need men for a very dark reason and that reason is hidden from men. Women need privacy, deniability, duplicity, pretexts, euphemism and confidentiality because women are lying. They could take care of themselves but they want to be taken care of.

Lying women are leeches who do not want to contribute or produce value; they only want to review. They want men to come to them with proposals, allowing them to pick and choose offers that please them. They want to be spoiled. They want to be treated Right. They don't want to treat themselves. Women want men to respect them because they don't want to respect themselves.

But respect doesn't work like that.

Women who respect themselves don't care what
grotesque women like Anna Lark have to say. 
In the comments discussing the article about women who hate women for having sex, women who hate women for having sex persisted with slut-shaming women for pleasing themselves.

"Unfortunate incident." No one was hurt. No one was imposing on anyone else.

"Drinking/drugs/self respect." In a world of suffering, seeking to relieve pain without hurting anyone else is self-respect.

"Grotesque." No one was hurt. No one was imposing on anyone else.

"Let us become a support system." Girls don't need the support system of broken women who slut-shame them into valuing purity and deceit and other whore values. They need the patronising leeches to get the fuck out of their lives. They're not doing anything wrong. They don't need to put on clothes if they don't want to. They don't need to be ashamed of their skin. 

"Be the change that needs to happen." To save the species from extinction, all leaching must end. Existing leeches must be humanely taken care of. If women like Anna Lark cannot be made to stop smearing those who please themselves, they will need to be silenced one way or another. No one has a right to impose. Slut-shaming women cannot be allowed to scream their shame at innocent children. Children are being broken by the lies and violence of a psychotic Society of needy leeches.

I pointed out that only women had motive to hate women for having sex and the comments section was instantly locked. My comment was the 29th.

Meanwhile, discussion of the article that is pure misandry (men ostensibly benefitting from sexism) was permitted to rage on. 1803 comments and counting.

In Polite Society you can say any lie you like as only the truth offends.