Sunday, 1 September 2013

Protection Racketeering.

A 12-year-old child is more protected from educational information about sex than they are protected from sex (molestation).

A 12-year-old child is more protected from learning about sex than they are protected from death. I'm 32 with the power of Google at my disposal and I cannot find an accurate answer to this question (impossibly relevant to a pubescent girl who's been conditioned her entire life to know that women don't like sex, men are obsessed, women who do like sex are perverse, etc):
"How does a Real Woman feel desire?" 
I know the answer. Girls being slut-shamed by women don't. The vast majority of men are kept in the dark as well.

Women hate sex.
I started asking girls who I knew were fairly comfortable with their sexuality what they'd tell a 13-year-old girl who asked them for truth. I've asked over a hundred girls now and it's horrifying; women are maliciously and aggressively purging their competition.

The girls I've asked have no problem with telling me or telling the world indirectly (sex and boys is all they talk about), but they won't tell a girl that she's not abnormal or perverted. They won't put her mind at peace. Invariably, the answer they give is that the girl is "too young".

Too young for information. Too young to feel. Too young for peace.
Too young for truth. 

Women lie to children for their Protection. They lie to men for the same reason.  

This world was created by malicious, sex-obsessed, deceit-obsessed, petty little Toddler perverts who prey on their own. Religion is used to enslave men and children.

And you're still wearing clothes to hide your toddler shame.

The two-faced psychotic evil of women who preach the opposite of what they practice is incomprehensible. I laughed when I saw this fairly liberated girl I know changed her Timeline homepage on LINE. Clearly, she's tired of the games.

"We just have one life. Keep it Simple."


I never heard from her again. 

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