Monday, 16 December 2013

Money Makes a Mother's Monkey Jump.

Palast solved the world.

Who else could be at fault? It's terrifying how mothers just get a pass when their (obviously) damaged children proceed to destroy the environment, the species, their loved ones and themselves.

Loving a mother isn't a crime. Being loved by your children should be. When a grown man is a miserable billionaire crying in tears about his mother's humiliation, I think it's safe to say he's not acting in his best interests, she's not acting in her best interests; no one is acting in their best interests because mothers want their children's love.

I should clarify, that's human mothers who want their children's love. No animal mother has ever wanted or needed her children's love.

Every single one of these advertisements promoting a mother's love has to use an animal mother in the example.

Animals aren't miserable. Animals don't fight wars. Animals don't sacrifice their lives for those they love.

I should clarify, that animal mothers do sacrifice themselves for those they love.

The problem with the world is mothers. Children need to protected from human mothers until human mothers can be more like animal mothers. If Steven Cohen's mother was more like an animal mother, Cohen wouldn't be a billionaire destroying the species in his miserable desperation to avoid humiliation by making his mother's monkey jump.

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