Friday, 22 November 2013

Women's Shame.

Women viciously shame sluts. It's going on literally non-stop. Men need to get involved because women are destroying girls. Fathers are useless, actual men are needed. Fathers are terrible, they're just part of the problem.

A girl cannot handle her own "barrier" so this isn't creepy at all.

The Problem is that women slut-shame honest girls (whores cannot compete with liberated women), but no one is shaming whores.

So kids like Amanda Todd get shamed to death. She died because she took her top off for free.

Girls that conform to Society's whore standard aren't shamed. Donald Trump's wife did more than take her top off but it's was for money so this horrific prostitution is okay. Talk about degrading yourself.

The stupidity of men is risible. How have men have been hoodwinked into financing the abuse of girls by women? How can women who only sleep with losers shame women who sleep with whom they please? How is it not the other way around?

There's a chance parents may not have their children's best interests in mind when they lie to them about everything (for their children's sake).