Monday, 3 March 2014

Most Women Aren't Old Enough For Sex

Men who carry women who can't - or won't - take care of themselves is effectively a child molester. The woman might be 40 years old and have grandchildren but if she can't stand on her own two feet, how is it different from manipulating a mentally disabled woman into bed? Men who present themselves as financially chivalrous (in exchange for favours) is a kiddie-fiddler. But who's fiddling whom?

A wife is just a whore with an exclusive clientele.

Most husbands married to emotional infants are emotional children themselves. Married couples aren't old enough to be having sex. If you let malicious dependants raise innocent dependants, you will reduce the species to emo Toddlers who kill each other over feelings and sentiments they imagine they feel in their abused imaginations. Mothers want the power to hurt their children to force them to suffer to please her, so they tell children how they're supposed to feel. Did Natural Selection forget to handle feelings?

One way boys are supposed to feel is murderous, but only when murder is allowed. It's okay to kill human beings when you have permission, you'll make your mother proud.

Can you imagine the pain these brave BOYS would imagine they feel in their imaginations if they disappointed their mothers? She would label them coward or, heaven forbid, give them the silent treatment"Why so mean?" It will hurt as much as they imagine it should.

Sometimes boys get confused about who they're allowed to kill but that's just the cost of doing killing business. Of course Toddlers know they must be punished if caught selfishly killing children without permission. That's not allowed. "Naughty! Bad boy!"

Toddlers who selfishly kill children are still sane, of course. Because they're normal.

Stop feeling. Learn how to think.

It could save your life. 

If you're the sort of person who values esoteric truths, you could do worse than read some Greek mythology. The Greeks packed more truth in each myth than you will find in all three of Yahweh's Holy Books of child slavery, genocide and love. 

On the right, you can find a clue to The Secret women won't tell little girls (or men).

", who have eyes, cannot see..." 
- Tiresias (to King Oedipus Rex, blind to truth too close to home)  

This is not a safe world for children. It's time to open your eyes.