Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The People are Tyrants

This species is shrewdly cannibalising itself because mothers reduce children into frightened, narcissistic conformists. Everyone just follows the crowd, miserable lemmings going over the cliff. It's pathetic. Maybe 1% of humans are humane, but one in 100 isn't enough. Not even 10% or 20% would be, so there's no point in doing anything (not to be confused with continuing to be malicious, I'm talking about activism). 

Action intended to deactivate the Machine might be the only activism that isn't evil. I'm a big fan of Médecins sans Frontières but I cannot see how the logical case can be made for the virtue in assisting or enabling anyone to bring life to a world of death. 

This world is going the other way. It's gone.

3 years for $3 billion fraud.

15 years for $100 theft for food.

If it was 1789, people would storm the prisons to free victims of criminal injustice. Guillotines would be erected in the Square and heads would start rolling.

But this is not 1789. This is 2014 and there aren't really any humans left to do what needs to be done. Look at all these worthless, sniveling rats, every last one too stupid to protect their selfish best interests because they're all too busy looking for opportunity to suck up to City Gents and Fat Cats. Mothers are responsible for Society's corrupted value system. Objectified women have always been too opportunistic and stupid to realise there is no advantage in disadvantaging yourself. The children of stupid, violent mothers are made to be stupid and violent. 

Thus, history.