Friday, 21 March 2014

Sorry Always Seems the Rudest Word

Rather than struggling to say the word "Sorry", you could try:
a) not being malicious, and
b) compensating those who have been disadvantaged by your actions. 

This is a world of selfless leeches who imagine there is value in their promises when all they do is lie. They imagine there is value in their expressed feelings when their emotions are false. They imagine there is value in conversation limited to small talk. They imagine there is value in their digital images which have been manipulated to the point where they no longer serve as an accurate representation of their cosmetic appearance or their actual appearance, in reality.

Objectified women divide by zero and try to sell [doing what they want to do] as a service to men. They've sucked all meaning out of life with their fraud, illusions, misrepresentation, concealment, deception and denial. They fall for illusions created by their own fabricated illusions, i.e. when they value the 100 Likes of a manipulated image they upload to Facebook. They imagine 100 people approve of them and they get an virtual attitude. But when the picture looks nothing like them, 100 people click Like not because they like the fraud but as victims of fraud. The girls cannot be made to understand that 100 people weren't actually impressed, they merely appeared to be. They've been deceived by fantasy misrepresented as reality. No one is impressed when the truth is revealed. Fantasy is worthless in reality, but women disagree. Try as you might, you will never be able to make yourself exist in the delusions of an objectified woman's positive thinking. We are stuck in this surreal reality, made horrifying by the aversion of abuse victims to objective reality, honesty, biology and truth.

This is the kind of insanity I am drowning in. If you cannot see it, that's very unfortunate for us
both. In this example, the girl immediately understood only for some nitwit imbecile to 'correct' my
irrefutable logic. Who defines values, definitions, meanings? Who had first access to your mind?
This complexity is all too much for face-painted objects concealing their true worth. They lie to impress, too stupid to realise that deceit isn't valued, it appears to be. You can only lie to impress your mother. In the real world, anyone you impress with your lies won't be, it's merely an illusion (impressing) created by your illusion (lying to impress).

There is no intrinsic value in spoken words or expressed feelings. Saying "Sorry" is intrinsically worthless. Habitual apologists value the illusion (appreciation of the signified intent to make up for wrongdoing or compensate for damages) created by their own illusion (stated apology, expressing remorse). Without the intent and capacity to compensate your victims, "Sorry" isn't the hardest but the rudest word to say.

But how many mothers would have a mind functional enough to comprehend the value of saying "Sorry"? 5 in 100? 1 in 100? It's a sad, sad situation.