Thursday, 27 March 2014

Rape Culture in India

The facts:

  • Consensual sex "on many occasions".
The circumstances:

  • If she wasn't having sex with multiple partners, she would have no reason to refuse DNA testing.
  • She claims she had no interest in sex (this is a biological lie) and only "submitted to the lust of the accused" on many occasions because he promised marriage (it's possible he lied to get her to do what woman want to do a great deal more than men biologically could).
  • He claims she is being coerced by her parents to say he promised to marry her (highly likely as mothers slut-shame their daughters to perpetuate the demented lie that rests on the imbecilic premise that the genes of women averse to reproductive activity were promoted by Natural Selection over the genes of women obsessed with sex).
So the entire case is an utter farce with the implausibly ridiculous offences ("making a woman pregnant by false promise", "rape by deception") legislated by the bio-political State exploiting the cultural lies of slut-shamed women abused by their abused mothers who were abused as girls, and so on.

I couldn't find out what happened to this poor bastard but the injustice wrought by this demented biological lie generated the need that destroyed the entire world. What could go wrong?

Illegal biology.
If women weren't lying about sex, they wouldn't need to slut-shame and terrorise girls with traumatic objectification. 

If girls weren't reduced to broken objects made to conceal their true worth (motivated initially by shame and then by greed / entitlement), they wouldn't need the perverse, unnatural institution of marriage (obligated labour / slavery). 

If women didn't need marriage, they wouldn't need to reduce conflicted / abused men to pathetic betas (who are starved of objectified women's biological services to force them to degrade themselves in the emasculating pursuit of conflicted / abused / abusive women).

If women didn't need a pretext to justify the need for exclusively-obligated male slaves, they wouldn't need to snap the free will of children (coded to be independent and self-sufficient) to erode their Self by reducing them into mindless, obedient, dependent - loving - slaves (Stockholm Syndrome).

If the Self of children wasn't obliterated by mothers who want love, humans wouldn't need to conform.

If selfless men weren't broken conformists terrified of disapproval, they wouldn't need to prove their worth in tribal warfare. 

If this biological lie about sex didn't exist, there would be no heart break. Children would be allowed to love themselves. 

But minds broken by shame cannot do logic. 

I doubt even 1% of humans have minds capable of connecting logical dots together. In any case, they already know all of knowledge already. Some even Know Best.

So humans will keep lying. And suffering. And needing. And abusing. And fighting. And killing. And dying. Until they're all dead.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. The sooner the better.