Thursday, 22 May 2014

The "Good Samaritan" Stanford University Experiment

This guy is fantastic, in this 10min video he gives a fun speech talking about his hobby for collecting weird scientific experiments:
  • experiments from the bible 
  • spiders on drugs 
  • the three christs of ypsilanti 
  • the weight of soul (21 grams) 
  • orgasm experiments
They're all fascinating but the "Good Samaritan" experiment he begins with is just more proof that humans are sociopaths-in-denial. What they say, even what they honestly believe to be true about themselves, is not what they do. Endless social experiments have proved this sleazy nature of human duplicity and I blame Polite Society, narcissism, abusive shame devaluing humans to worthless incapacity to contribute or produce value, so all they can do is endlessly review (read: disapprove). Disapproval after all, costs nothing; piety has always been free.
The second half of his speech is here and the first experiment reveals the extent of the abuse girls are subjected to by mothers and Society's women, to be averse to sex.



There should be more of these videos showing the hypocritical piety of people who will preach their indignant disapproval but when it comes time to back up their outrage with actions, the truth is revealed. They're all too shrewd. This species isn't worth a spit.


This video horrifies me every single time. Humans are so conditioned by mothers to fawn over the rich and powerful and they just couldn't give a rats about men, women or children who aren't likely to reward them. __________________________


This video makes me cry every time. It's a M.A.D. world. 

Hundreds of thousands of Americans bashing the Chinese over the toddler video but humans are vermin everywhere.

To finish on a FuckItAllToHell note, a mother who...bah.



Mammal mothers in nature are magnificent creatures. Humans mothers are...not motherly, mammalian, humane or even women. They're infantile objects obsessed with preying on men and children. I don't care who's to blame when children are abused, everyone needs to stop breeding.