Thursday, 22 May 2014

Reality is just a Jerk!

I live in a world of psychotics who know that objective reality is just a jerk! They shoot messengers not for deceiving them but for not deceiving them. Those rude messengers are just jerks! The victims of parents' needy lies cannot process the horror of betrayal. Delusional princesses will suffer for their entire lives hating rude truth because anyone who doesn't maliciously deceive them (to appease / exploit them) is just a jerk! Act in their best interests with transparency and honesty and they'll know you're just a jerk!

When you have a problem with truth, the problem isn't truth. When you have a problem with reality, the problem isn't reality. When you have a problem with biology, the problem isn't 2.5 million years of Natural Selection (which cannot be overridden by Society's sleazy shaming of toddlers and teenage girls). When you have a problem with people being mean, the problem isn't people. 

The problem is you. 

Those who lied to you created the problem but you will betray your Self until you value truth. And there is no mitigation for that crime, because no one will ever prosecute you for not loving your Self. They'll just exploit you.

If you look for love, either you are willing to love first (which makes you a mark) or you are looking for a mark to blind. Love is a two-way street with only one lane. The loved do not love. Reciprocal love is a lie. Those who love are not loved the way they imagine but they cannot see the truth because love blinds. That should really be the clue to its utility.

This girl to the right is looking for true love, a real fantasy that cannot exist. She's looking for a true lie that she'll never find but a large part of the reason why she's so hostile to being told the truth is that she's having so much fun being lied to.

Women who want love are stupid but it's more murky and malicious than mere ignorance. They don't want to have their cake and eat it, that's what idiotic men imagine. They want to have your cake and eat it. This girl knows she likely won't find a sucker she can blind with love but she persists because it's so much fun looking for one. She forces men to treat her Right as she looks for Mr Right. She loves sex for fun but she hates men who have sex for fun. She feels used unless the men are lying to her about why they want to get to know her. What's to know? She's a mindless leech reduced by Society's objectification and her mother's slut-shaming, given to believe she's an entitled liability. She knows the Real Worth of a Woman is concealed by clothes which can only be removed for Real Men who show her proof that they'll treat her Right. In other words, she's a whore.
"Men are perverts who just want to USE women for sex, as if women were just a toy for men to play with. Then men get bored and want to throw women away, like a worthless rag. Women are not objects for male sexual gratification."
- objectified whores (who can't gratify men, sexually or otherwise)
Real Men do not care for dependent women who want to rape minds with fraud. Ties That Bind (marriage) are planned ahead by objects who know Ties That Blind (love) won't last. They're stupid but it's more depraved and dark than mere idiocy. Why would anyone need to be blinded by love?

Why would anyone need to be bound by wedlock? Women are all about consent, Until Death Do You Part. Does marriage rape men for life or does life rape men for marriage?