Thursday, 25 September 2014

Justice in a Sane World.

"We need to teach our boys not to rape."
Or they wouldn't desire what Society wants them to.
"We need to teach our boys not to kill."
Or they wouldn't desire what Society wants them to.

That men are driven to rape and kill is a crime, obviously. The drivers (mothers and priests) should be held to account. But rape and murder are crimes of confusion. There is no profit so why prohibit them? 

You will not rehabilitate the Confused by penalising their confusion. Punishing victims of malicious confusion for being confused only serves to validate their confusion. They did not profit so why punish them?

Society is a bunch of filthy creeps confusing children. That is not the path to happiness.

Society is insane. Where is the profit? Killing is not the path to happiness.
"So we should just let people rape and kill?" 
Or no one would desire what isn't theirs.
You should just stop confusing children. 
"And you think that would stop them from raping and killing?"
Naturally. Do you think children confuse themselves?
"Punishment is needed to deter people from raping and killing with impunity."
When has punishment ever deterred crimes of passion? Confused passion is the problem. Why would people defeat themselves with impunity? If you took a cheese grater to your testicles, should we punish you?
"If it would deter me from doing it."
How can punishment deter you from Self-harm? The punishment would have to be greater than the punishment you're already inflicting on yourself. You would have us mutilate you to deter you from mutilating yourself? Confusing you further won't clear up your confusion.     
"But rape and murder are not the same as self-mutilation."
Nonsense. All crime mutilates Self. The value of this species rises and falls as one. When you harm another, you harm your Self. There is no profit in rape and murder. The desire to kill and rape is the product of malicious confusion conditioned into children by the most confused Society imaginable. 

Or no one would be obsessed with sex.
By penalising rape and murder, you frame mutilation of Self as profitable for those who aren't caught. But whether you are caught or not, irrespective of whether you are penalised or not, mutilating your best interests will never serve your interests. Confused people confuse children. 

Children do not confuse themselves. 
"How would you handle crimes of passion?" 
Increase logic. Decrease passion.

Crime and Punishment (in a less insane world). 

"You are charged with the crime of Confusion raped a girl? What are you, retarded?"
"Yes, Your Honour. I am a retard."
"Well, was she pleased?"
"I wouldn't be here if she was, would I?"
"It isn't likely. You can't really pleasure someone against their will. Have you ever had a back massage? Do you like massage?"
"Yes, Your Honour. Sure, I like 'em."
"What if I got my Sergeant-at-Arms here to violently wrestle you to the ground, strip you naked and give you a sensual back rub? Would you like that?"
"I'm sure he's very good. Don't be put off by his size and gruff, I've seen him handle his sidearm with a nimble and dexterous touch. Once you stop struggling, you may even enjoy it. You're very good, aren't you Phil?"

"That's what she said."

"Aha. You heard the man. He's had positive reviews. Would you like it if Phil forced himself on you to give you a back massage without your consent? I don't know if there'll be a happy ending, I can't get involved in that. That will be between you and Phil...well, just Phil. Your consent won't be relevant."

"I don't think I'd like that."
"Consent is vital. It will often be the difference between pleasure and pain. You cannot pleasure a girl against her will. The confusion has been created by abused girls who say one thing and mean another. Whether or not they desire it, why would you even want to accommodate them if they can't say what they mean or mean what they say? What's in it for you? Phil cannot relax you against your will, but why would he even want to? What's in it for him? Consent is vital, if only to protect yourself. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Your Honour, I thought it would feel good. Girls don't seem to like me much. I wasn't really thinking, I guess."
"Did it feel good?"
"I'm not sure. Not really. I mean, I felt powerful and that felt good. I was in control for a change. Then it was all over and I was horrified. I knew I was in a lot of trouble."
"You are very troubled. Your Self-control was violently taken from you. You've been struggling to regain control ever since. When you lost the struggle, you lost all Self control and took control of another. You imagined it felt good but it was a delusion. You were out of control. Did your mother teach you not to rape?"
"Oh Mom taught me better than that. She taught me to respect women."
"I dunno what's wrong with me, just born evil I guess."
"Evil is stupidity. Were you born to be stupid?"
"I guess so. I've always been a moron."
"More off than on. Who were you associating with between the ages of 0 and 4?"
"Just my mother, I guess. We never saw our father much. He never really had time for us. But my mother and I were very close. She basically raised me alone and it wasn't easy for her, either. I was quite a handful."
"Your father may have had more time for you if your mother brought home the bacon, or her share of the bacon. You say you were a handful for the woman responsible for handling you from the day you were born? Clearly, she mishandled you."
"I think I was just a bad egg, Your Honour."
"Every egg behaves good, 2.5 million years of Natural Selection guaranteed it. Bad hens turn good eggs bad."
"But my mother hates rape. She said stealing women's most precious possession was worse than murder."
"What a lunatic. She speaks for four billion women? But if you believed that, why would you rape?"
"I...I guess I didn't really believe her. I was drinking. This girl was playing hard to get, I dunno...something came over me and...I guess my mother didn't teach me not to rape, after all."
"But she did. That's why you're confused. She didn't need to teach you not to defeat yourself. She taught you not to rape after breaking your faith. When you no longer trusted her to have your best interests in mind, she then tricked you into prizing what has no value. You've been Rape Cultured."
"I'm not sure I follow..."
"That's why I'm going to sentence you to be rehabilitated in a secure hospital where every convenience will be at your disposal except for your liberty. That will be returned to you when your Self has been rebuilt with truth. There is no advantage in hurting others, you cannot harm yourself for profit. You've just been confused. The truth should clear things up. You'll feel much better for it. Society will welcome you back when you're no longer confused about how to selfishly pursue your best interests. Rape is not the path to happiness. Next."


"Ah, I just sentenced a very confused young man to be rehabilitated at Society's expense. You were supposed to be his mother. Your charge has incurred a substantial debt which you cannot possibly afford to pay. Tell me, what is Society supposed to do with you?"
"I taught him better than that."
"Why exactly am I here?"
"I just told you. Are you wilfully stupid or do you have a mitigating excuse? Rehabilitating your son is going to cost a fortune. The trauma suffered by the girl he pleasured against her will could last a lifetime if she was abused as a child. If she is healthy, there will be no lasting trauma. It makes no sense to imagine needless suffering. Regardless, your failure to honour the debt you owed to your son has resulted in damages. As a direct result of your malicious incompetence, every member of Society has been harmed. You are here to explain why you shouldn't be put down."
"Put me down, Your Honour...?"
"If you cannot afford to pay for the consequences of your malice, why would you be malicious?"
"But I taught him to respect women."
"Your Honour...?"
"Did I stutter? I asked you to tell me why you taught him to respect women instead of himself. Men who respect themselves do not disrespect women who disrespect themselves. You taught him to respect women instead of himself and look what he's done. He shouldn't have respected you. Did you force him to?"
"I....I taught him to respect his elders."
"For being older?"
"Yes, children are supposed to respect their elders."
"You presume to tell me Right from Wrong? Do you feel you belong in my chair and I belong in the dock, failing to make a case for why I shouldn't be put down?"
"I didn't mean to disrespect you..."
"Stop it. Children should respect themselves. Elders who need the respect of children are not respecting themselves. In that case, elders should respect their betters."
"But it's important to respect Authority, Your Honour. Like the way I respect you by addressing you with respect."
"You imagine your words are respectful when your actions disrespect everyone? Why would I value your babbled words? You will disrespect everyone until you respect your Self. I have been ignoring your declaring my honour as you have no legitimacy to bestow honour on anyone. You have never been honourable."
"How should I address you, Sir?"
"You're not listening. How can it matter? Your actions have rendered your words redundant. You have never contributed anything of value to Society. No words can reverse your irrelevance. Nothing you say can curry my favour. Compliments, insults; it's all meaningless because you are worthless. You chose to be a leech. Now I have to determine if Society's interests can be served by not putting you down."
"Yes...Yes Sir."
"You're shaking with fear but you will not be put down without just cause. If there is just cause, why would you fear justice? You should want to be put down if you have nothing of value to offer Society. Why would you desire anything else? You have nothing to be afraid of."
"I'm so sorry."
"Stop it. What can your stated apology be worth when your actions have damaged Society? Why would your imagined feelings of remorse or regret be expected to compensate for the very real damages sustained?" 
"What do you want from me?"
"You fool. No one wants anything from you. They want you to favour your Self. You are supposed to do as you please but you're a Toddler who thinks you're being crafty when you ask men what they want, with the malicious intent of framing your acquiescence as a favour you're doing for them. No one wants your worthless suffering to please them, or your pretence at suffering so you can extort them. If you are not pleasing your Self, you have nothing of value to offer. Only when you are selfish will your favour will be prized. What do I want from you? Do I look like one of your pathetic johns?"
"You're not pathetic, Your Honour."
"Good grief. When I ask you for an appraisal of my character, I will do so explicitly. If you weren't so focused on manipulating others, you would answer direct questions put to you. You have no legitimacy to express your opinion of anyone but yourself. When your approval is worthless, your unsolicited disapproval is illegitimately tendered. I ask again, do I look like one of your pathetic johns?"
"No, Your Honour."
"That is correct. I am not one of your pathetic johns. I do not seek your favour. This is not to say I am not pathetic, humans cannot see themselves. We need mirrors to guide us through life but you are no good, you've been cracked. Given to cannibalise your own, all you reflect is distorted by illegitimate need. You have no legitimacy to approve or disapprove of anyone but your Self. Do you think you have the Right to judge your son?"
"I'm his mother."
"You were supposed to be. No mother or child of one has never stood where you stand. No child of a mother has ever raped or imposed themselves on another. Society foolishly let you abuse its property and now we have to pay for that mistake. Your son was your responsibility, not your property to abuse. You are my responsibility, not my property to abuse. Power is not displayed by the extent to which it is abused but by the extent to which it is not. We all have power we can abuse. The need for power isn't powerful, we are powerful when we are free of need. You had power over your son, his life was in your hands. I have power over you, your life is in mine. Were I to abuse my power, I would be as pathetic as you. All need is weak. Strength is the absence of need. Anyone can steal candy from a baby, needing to do it would be pathetic. Desiring a baby's candy and resisting the desire would still be pathetic. It is the lack of desire that gives us strength. All desire weakens. You made your son desire. You make him need. You made him weak. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Your Honour."
"Very well. Explain back to me what I have just said."
"I....I can't."
"If you understood, you could. So why did you lie?"
"I...I thought you'd be angry with me."
"You lie to avoid making people angry? I'm not sure you can be rehabilitated."
"I didn't want to make you have to repeat it all."
"Make me? You need to stop worrying about controlling others and focus on your Self. You cannot make me do anything, I am in control of my actions. You cannot avoid making people angry by lying to them, it merely appears as if you can. Your lies have no value to those you deceive so your lying is of no value to you. Your lies are an illusion and the effect of an illusion is illusory. Do you understand?"
"Not really, Your Honour. I'm trying but..."
"But your mind was debilitated. I do not know if you can be fixed. The woman who was supposed to be your mother, is she alive?"
"She passed away last year, Your Honour."
"I'm sorry to hear that."
"Thank you, Your Honour."
"No, you misunderstood. I care nothing for your imagined loss. I'm sorry that she cannot be rehabilitated. On a positive note, she is dead. She cannot harm anyone now. Your sentimental attachment is meaningless. You imagine your feelings. You imagine your attachment. You were not supposed to imagine such things. You were supposed to remain attached to yourself and, only for a brief period of time, attached to your son. Having been made to be attached to a selfless woman, you perpetuated the cycle of selfless abuse by making your son attached to you. Is it true that you taught the boy not to rape?"
"Yes, Your Honour. I swear."
"I find you Guilty on the charge of Aggravated Confusion of Children. This is a capital offence."
"But I taught him NOT to rape."
"Clearly. But why even try to do such a thing?"
"Rape is wrong!"
"Did you teach him not to cut off his arm?"
"Then why did you teach him not to rape?"
"Some men rape women. It's important to teach them not to."
"Some men cut off their arm. Why isn't it important to teach them not to?"
"Men have no reason to cut off their arm."
"What reason do men have to pleasure women by force?"
"You maliciously confused your son to make him desire what has no value. You explicitly taught him not to do what you knew he had no incentive to do. There is no value in stealing a chore. Wanting him to value what isn't valuable, you raised him to desire what isn't desirable. You raised him to defeat himself. He can be rehabilitated but if Society cannot rehabilitate you, you will almost certainly be put down with the utmost humane consideration and dignity at your next review. Either way, you will never confuse another child. I'm sentencing you to rehabilitation in a secure hospital where every convenience will be at your disposal with the exception of your liberty - that will be returned to you if your Self can be rebuilt with truth. There is no advantage in confusing others, you cannot reduce the value of those you rely upon for value without reducing your Self. Confusing children is not the path to happiness. Next."

If you had Self, you'd understand. Only children are selfish. This is a selfless world of horror, where no one is capable of acting in their best interests. I do not think Society's confusion can be rehabilitated. Eggs that have been incubated bad can be made good only when they're willing to accept that everything they've ever felt, thought or seen has been corrupted. Embracing truth is a lot to ask of those who already Know Best. But if you had Self, you'd know better.

Suffering is not the path to happiness.