Sunday, 8 June 2014

Haters Gonna Hate Competing for Their Birthright.

Avicii's Wake Me Up music video is brilliant. From looking around the Internet, not only was the video universally misunderstood, it came in for scathing criticism. But this music video is targeting one of the most pervasive Dark Ages horrors this emotionally degraded world has ever failed to deal with; haters.

This reviewer didn't have a clue but he doesn't like beautiful people. 

Ugly people will only be mean and evil when deceived by lies of entitlement.

Hate is the product of lies of entitlement told to children. If someone was stealing your birthright, you'd go postal like Elliot Rodger as well. This is why only demons lie to children. Kids take liars literally. I've met a lot of girls who Knew they weren't actually princesses of royalty but...they could fool you sometimes. When the delusional entitlement to control access to resources is taken away or threatened by meritorious competition, the disenfranchised scream their hate.

Elliot Rodger: "Life is so unfair because girls don't want me"
"Those beautiful blonde girls should be walking with me, not those brutes. I deserve them more. Why do those horrible men get to experience the love and affection of such beautiful, heavenly girls, while I've had to rot in loneliness all my life. It's not fair. It's such an injustice."

Haters gonna hate. Disappointingly, she finds that most of the negative comments come from women. "They're trying to shame me," Oxford says, "and it's all from women. Men don't care. A lot of women are like: Oh she's not fat, oh she's cute, she's funny, I hate her."

“If girls think you're attractive, you're either stupid or a whore or a dumb whore. They want to see you fall. They want to see you break. That’s every hater's dream."
- Megan Fox

To compete with their betters, haters have to tear them down. Haters don't want to improve themselves or be forced to compete for Their Own birthright. Beautiful and liberated women make the ugly dependent wives and mothers of religion look very bad indeed. However will Ugly hold onto her slave men?

For 6000 years, Ugly has been tearing down girls for modesty.

398 Modesty. Women's modesty generally increases with their beauty.
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Nietzsche understood how the minds of dependent women 'work'. Throughout history, Beauty has always been defeated by ugly haters because Beauty doesn't want to fight, Beauty is happy to compete fairly. Only Ugly needs to destroy, Ugly cannot compete fairly.

414 When women hate. When feeling hatred, women are more dangerous than men. First and foremost because once their hostile feeling has been aroused, they are inhibited by no considerations of fairness but let their hatred swell undisturbed to the final consequences.
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Women who are like Elliot Rodger (a ladyboy imprinted with his mother's mind) have destroyed the world with their entitled hate and religious birthright. All claims on the free will of another human being are lies. Nobody owns anyone. All duties and obligations are lies. We're supposed to own and be in control of ourselves. We're supposed to be selfish but modest women and their religions made us selfless. They took our Self from us to make boys for war and girls for sale. Warriors and whores (to breed more warriors and whores). This world will never emerge from the Dark Ages of emotional cannibalism.

You'll never find your Self if you don't even know you're lost.